Part 1 - Let's get started
Quick start - Sign up, create a website and change subdomain name.

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For everyone who wants an one page website for their business, project or personal website.

What are ONEPAGE.WEBSITE's key advantages?

The prices are awesomely low! Does ONEPAGE.WEBSITE make a profit?
We are able to make enough profit to keep the lights on :)

Do you have a referral program?
Yes we do! Customers can refer their friends and earn € 1,- in account credits.
Click here to learn more about how our referral program works.


How am I billed?
Each ONEPAGE.WEBSITE PLUS plan is yearly billed.

How do I cancel the service?
If you do not renew it, the service will stop at the renewal date. You also can delete the website to stop the service (we do not offer refunds).

What form of payments do you accept?
We accept iDeal, Mister Cashand PayPal.

Do you offer refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds.


How do I become a verified user?
Login and go to MY ACCOUNT and fill in the form.

I lost my account password / I forgot my password. Can you resend it?
For security purposes we never resend your password. We can help you to make a new one. Simply navigate to the login page and click on the Forgot Password link. We’ll then send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How can I change my email address?
Login and go to the MY ACCOUNT page, scroll to CONTACT and change Email. Then click on CHANGE THE CONTACT INFORMATION button.

How do I cancel my account?
You need to delete all your websites and after that send an email to with the subject "DELETE MY ACCOUNT". (please supply your email and password)

How can I update my account details?
Login and go to MY ACCOUNT and change the details you want to change.


What is an one page website?
An one page website is an easy to build, easy to create and easy to publish website. A website that contains blocks instead of pages. The blocks can be viewed by scrolling through the website or by using the navigation.

How do I start to make an onepage website?
Go to the getting started tutorial.

How can I delete an one page website?
Go to the MY WEBSITES page, browse to the website you want to delete and click on the settings button Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button DELETE THIS WEBSITE. Once you've deleted the website you can not get it back.


How do I get started?
Customers will be provided with a referral code link that can be utilized for endorsing our services while tracking referrals and commissions. The referral code link can be accessed from the bottom of the MY REFERRAL Page.

How will referrals be awarded?
Referrals will be awarded via credits, see MY REFFERALS and MY FINANCES pages. You can pay the ONEPAGE.WEBSITE PLUS service with credits.

How do I earn the account credit?
It's simple! Anyone you refer to that signs up using your unique referral link will receive €1,- ONEPAGE.WEBSITE PLUS credit immediately after creating their account. In return for helping us spread the word, we’ll give you € 1,- for each friend that signs up through you and once they paid for an ONEPAGE.WEBSITE PLUS service. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer and credits you can earn :)

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