Why Your Small Local Business May (Not) Need a Website


Why Your Small Local Business May (Not) Need a Website

Highlights the Pros & Cons for Small Local Businessowners Considering a Website

Are You a Small Local Businessowner? Do You Think Your Business Doesn't Need a Website?

As a small local businessowner, you might run a successful business in a very traditional sense. This could mean you don't need to grow further or generate any new leads. Plus, Facebook does everything for your business. While these are certainly fair reasons not to invest in a website, we at OnePage.Website would like just a moment of your time to show you what you are missing.

A Website Can Boost Your Small Local Business!

Clients are the bread and butter of any business. If you want to communicate with new and existing clients, a website is the perfect way to do so. For small local businessowners, communicating regularly with clients about new products and services is crucial. It keeps clients investing in your business, so you can keep generating revenue and stay profitable.

3 Reasons Why Your Small Local Business Needs a Website!

Imagine being referred to a great service provider or supplier you've never heard of. Many people would look them up online first and hope to find a website. Why? Basically, having the means to establish a digital presence on the web helps businesses prove they are who they say they are. People won't buy into a product or service they don't trust, and a website helps build your credibility as a business. If anyone wants to refer your services or goods - or rave about your excellent service - having a website doesn't just make this easy to do; it shows that your business is professional and reputable.

If you think your business doesn't need a website, we've got news for you! Usually, when looking for a local business, people use Google or Facebook. This is great for small local businessowners who have a Facebook page, but what happens when people Google your business? Even search engines have limitations, and having a Facebook page is no guarantee that your small local business will come up on the list of results. And technically, you don't own your Facebook page, meaning if anything happens on your page, you could lose a significant chunk of client interaction and history.

Gone are the days of clunky back-end management! Website building and maintenance has come a long way, making it much easier for people who don't have a master's degree in web development to manage their own online presence. When you work with us at OnePage.Website, we provide all the support you need to create and manage your own website. You can customize this to your brand, and we will walk with you every step of the way as you roll out your very first website as a small local businessowner!

Don't Get Left Behind... Step Into the New Age and Showcase Your Business Online!

If you know why your small local business needs a website - from winning new clients to reassuring old ones - a website is any business's strongest tool! Whether your business is turning 5 or 85 this year, it's never too late (or too early) to strengthen your posture with a great website, if you want to stand out from the crowd in your industry, you know what to do...


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